Element of Time: Final day

WIND is air in natural motion that blows horizontally to the ground. Wind as a garden element is necessary to observe how it affects the plants and space. Through this project, we observed how the bad effects of  wind can be minimized in the gardens. The first part of our installation was arrangement of strung leaves around the four sides of the arch built in the rose garden. The day was windy and night wind speed according to NWS Hourly Forecast for Monday, 29th Oct (http://classic.wunderground.com/history/airport/KTYS/2012/10/29/DailyHistory.html?req_city=Knoxville&req_state=TN&req_statename=Tennessee) was 8mph on an average and max wind speed was 17 mph from North West. Next day, we were not surprised to see that most of our leaves were fallen apart. This obviously must have scattered our installation. However, leaves nearby the wind breaks were still hanging revealing how these wind breaks can protect the garden from the speedy wind.  At 9.30am, we counted no. of revolution /minute from cardboard anemometer (25cm rad) which was above 200. From this we were able to figure out the wind speed was above  10mph for that time. But, the next day the anemometer was missing from garden due to which further reading was unable to record.

Second installation (leaf arrangements) was on the ground which seems to be thriving throughout the project. This observation was helpful for us to see how the wind effect on the ground can be obstructed by use of mulching. The wind in garden is essential to feel the nature’s work but knowing how to minimize the negative consequences of wind (Slowing plant growth, seedling growth, dispersing of leaves, branches) will sustain the garden within nature.

If we  take the big picture, change in leaves colors correspond with seasonal change and movement of leaves from trees (horizontal movement of leaves strings in case of our project instrument) correspond with the change of wind direction and  speed that always affects the garden pattern.

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One thought on “Element of Time: Final day

  1. You and Caroline did a great job on this! It looks really beautiful and I think you showed the concept of wind very well. The pictures are so pretty!

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