Interesting part of this project was to decide about the accommodation space in landscape of college premises between Humanities and Clarence Brown Theater using the system of assembly from the Project 2 (Embodyment). This project was really challenging for me to incorporate the system of assembly – overlapping at the landscape scale.

Programmatic requirements of this project were to build three spaces for individual students to quietly reflect (yellow), for our studio to interact (green) and to support a productive Student ASLA meeting (red), which must reflect the idea of overlapping. To express this idea, series of models and concepts were developed and with the help of discussions and working in studio, I was finally able to complete this project. Below is the plan showing different spaces.

My model was in 1:20 scale. The concept of overlapping can be seen with the start of the single space in front of the Clarence Brown Theater. Students of Art and architecture school usually seem to use the present spot but not as often as the other area. This made me to think about single space in this area with addition of the softscape could be useful to use this area frequently. To overlap this area, I thought of raised platform just above the pathway which is densely used space for the transition of the students and this will be space for my studio. Overlapping of the spaces in the form of hardscape begins from here to the start of bridge. Softscape as trees, climbers, bushes and grasses were used to have blending effects of the colors, microclimate effect and cladding effect in the given spot. The details of how the person is using the area can be seen clearly in the final design shown in picture slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Round-Robin Review of Project 3 was my first experience to present my product and describe about the project and system of assembly of Project 2. Alternating reviewers and the students of architecture visited me which really helped me to find out my strengths and weaknesses that I need to develop in this program. My idea to exclude e abstract concept in my design made it more construction based than landscaping. Nevertheless, my presentation of process board and the detail works still stood ahead.


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