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The review of my project was quite appreciative as it represents both the spiritual and physical meaning.  The craft model uses the graphical analysis of the yoga (plough) position. The 3D expression of the 2D graphic is executed with the process of exploration of design concept. The craft was assembled in such a way that details unite the whole structure in the standing position. The detail works succeeded to provide meaning to the abstract craft model.  The craft fully justified the position of yoga in balancing itself like a body against the gravitational force. The center point of the craft where the most of the construction parts are joined gives the core idea about the how legs articulate to the body during the movement.

From this project, I learned about the design process and how the concept clarifies the solutions for the construction. Investigating the human scale, understanding the motion of the body, analyzing the body structures, exploring different ideas from the graphical analysis, proposing and discarding different options and the  elaborating the selected options to produce the model in this project helped me to understand why designers should think intuitively and logically. Overall, the 4 weeks project work on the Em(body)ment was fruitful. However, more work on the  additional realms  is needed to  translate emotions into my design.


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