My study model 2 is almost near to convey the qualities of the body in my sequence drawing. It clearly gives an idea  of the motion of the body. However, it is reconstructed  to make it more clarify with my concept. The presented models are new models that will be further elaborated with details so that it will be constructed for final presentation.


Study model 2: For my second model, I came up with an idea to use the regulating lines to represent my sequence drawing. This prototype expresses the controlled movement and balance like that of the meditation. I was more concentrated towards obtaining balance. The two center points of regulating lines is providing balance to whole structure and grabbing attention as well. It though  reflects my meditation theme, it has to be remodeled using connections and details to make it self standing. 

Process sketch 2

Study model 1: In this study model I tried to figured out the whole body of my sequence drawing. First I measure the size of my body and then started to draw in my  sketch pad. Taking the help of sketches, I construct the first prototype for as my study model. The small box represents the head, large rectangular box represents the body and the triangular parts as the rotating legs. On discussing with my studio peers, I find out that I have to make it more refine by providing details so that it could represent a motion.





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