Movement and Rhythm

Final Model

On Process

For this project, I used two concepts Movement and Rhythm to create the visual unity. Movement determines action and rhythm helps to achieve visual continuity. The final drawing set of my model composed of Plan, Section, Elevation and Figure Ground Topography in 1:1 Scale. To view the details 2 point perspective, 3/4:1 and isometric view 1/2:1 is prepared.


Here in my model I repeated most of the pieces in regular paths and placed them in progression. I am providing more visual space in the simplest square. The incisions made in the horizontal plane represent the converging patterns towards middle square which guides to the most complex square. I have focused my design on diagonal lines so as to give a sense of movement and activity. These lines also produce the sense of depth which is perceived in dimensional form within the complex square. Also each of the squares contains the diagonal lines either in the elevation or in plane surface. The repetition of rectangular pieces in converging lines also makes the model more directional diagonally.



The graded topography clarifies about space available within my model.  My lines and shading shows the depth of the real model. I used darker lines for the forms. The simplest square and the complex square is distinct in this plan view. The side view of my model shows the vertical lines of my model. The diagonal lines give sense of as the line of instability that creates a movement around the model.

Graded Topography

Side Elevation

Isometric View






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