Model Design

Model design explore the relationships of the line, space and form. The model design will generate the idea to represent the complex structure from simple one with the flowing concept of unity in design using the basic principles of design.

The first project of our semester is on building cube model-3D representation. My first two models have general idea of placing the objects in the spaces. These rough models gave me idea to incorporate the unity and elements required to describe my thought. I am investigating the relationship of movement in the abstract form. Movement is present in everything that exists in this world. The patterns and actions are the kernel of movement. Considering this, I chose the concept Movement for my model. The model concept could be figured out with the repetition of lines and forms. I have used diagonal lines to show motion in my model. I have focused on the space as well as shift in visual perception. The model encompasses the abstract entity of motion in terms of rhythmic patterns.

Model Concept-“Movement”


Final Model Design (Project 1)

More Pictures on page-


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